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Course Announcement

Hey everyone!

Excited to announce that the CIS 19X course for Golang has been approved and will be taught by Adel and me - we’ll post logistical information here once it’s confirmed!

Go is an open source programming language created by Google (https://golang.org/) designed for speed, efficiency and infrastructure. While Go is particularly proficient at concurrent systems programming, it has a variety of uses and has been gaining popularity in a variety of fields, including graphics, mobile applications and machine learning. Go is simple, fast and is continuing to rapidly grow in industry.

In this course, we will cover what makes Go so unique and apply it to practical, real world situations. Topics covered will include concurrency and parallelism, goroutines and channels, web scraping, and other popular industry Go applications. Evaluation is based on regular homework assignments, class participation, and a final project.

Feel free to PM us or ask questions about the course here - if you’re interested in being a TA, please message one of us!

— Prakhar