CIS 1951

Course Description

This project-oriented course focuses on application development for current iOS mobile platforms using SwiftUI. In the initial stages, students will explore the fundamentals of mobile app development, including iOS and Xcode basics, Swift programming, and SwiftUI interface building. The curriculum progresses through advanced concepts like state management, app lifecycle, sensor integration, networking, and data persistence. In the latter part of the course, students work in teams to conceptualize and develop a significant mobile application. Creativity and originality are highly encouraged!

Upcoming Assignments

2 assignments are due in the next 31 days:
3/11📋 HW2: Trivia Game - Due @ 11:59PM
3/25📋 HW3: Sensors (available 3/11) - Due @ 11:59PM



Jordan Hochman (201)

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Email: jhawkman@seas
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OH: Fri 11:30-1:30pm @Levine 3rd Floor Bump Space

Anthony Li (201)

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Yuying Fan (202)

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Email: yuyingf@seas
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OH: Mon 6:45-7:45pm @Towne 337


Jacky Fang (201)

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Ondrej Gonzor (202)

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