CIS-196: Ruby on Rails (Fall 2020)

Welcome! This course will adopt a hybrid learning pattern, please see logistics

Course Description

This course will cover the Ruby language and the Ruby on Rails web framework.

We'll learn how to build web sites, web applications, and web services from the ground up.

Topics including routing, database schema design, session management, API usage and integration, and complex front-end (UI/UX) implementation.

Additionally, we'll cover popular software architectural patterns, the internet's client-server model, and version control (Git), scalability, amongst other topics.

We'll build webapps every week as we go along this course, culminating in a final project at the end that could be as sophisticated as these real-world rails web services


Please reach out to us if you don't have the prerequisites or if you have any other concerns.
We have worked with students from various different backgrounds, and we try to make sure that everyone gets the most out of this class.

Who Is This Course For?

If you fit into either one of these categories, you should consider taking CIS-196: