CIS 196 Virtual Machine Installation Instructions

Download Virtual Box

  1. Download Virtual Box for your machine here.

Download the Virtual Machine

  1. Download the zip file of the CIS196 VM. The zip file is very large, so it will take a while to download.
  2. Once downloaded, unzip the zip file. You should have a file named CIS196-VM.ova (likely in your Downloads folder). Do not double-click this file, just remember its location. If you instead end up with a CIS196-VM folder, ensure that there is a .ovf file inside.
  3. Launch Virtual Box.
  4. Select “Import Appliance” in the “File” menu and find and select the OVA (or OVF) file that you just unzipped. Click Open.
  5. Click Continue. You should now see a list of pre-configured settings, you should not have to edit any of those.
  6. Click Import and within a few seconds or minutes, you should see CIS196-VM in your list of installed machines.
  7. Choose CIS196-VM in the lefthand menu and click Start to run the application.
  8. You should be automatically logged in, but the username is cis196student and the password is student.

You should always be sure to shut down the Virtual Machine when you are finished working with it. If you find that the VM runs unbearably slow within Virtual Box, you may have to enable hardware virtualization on your PC.

Please post on Piazza if you run into any problems with the installation.