Assignments are due at midnight unless otherwise indicated. Code submissions will be made via BRUCE, the CIS 197 submission system. Please refer to the style guide when completing these assignments to receive full style credit.

HomeworkNameDue Date
1Finger ExercisesSunday, January 21st, 11:59:59pm
2Async, Events, and CallbacksSunday, January 28th, 11:59:59pm
3Object Oriented JavaScriptSunday, February 4th, 11:59:59pm
4Pokemon Map BuilderSunday, February 11th, 11:59:59pm
5Piazza LiteSunday, February 18th, 11:59:59pm
6Penn Course Review LiteSunday, February 25th, 11:59:59pm
7Game of LifeSunday, March 18th, 11:59:59pm
8Twitter for BirdsPart 1 Due Tuesday, Mar 27th, 11:59:59pm, Part 2 Due Friday, Apr 6th, 11:59:59pm