LectureDateContentReading & Resources
01/11Course Policies [pdf]Syllabus
11/11JavaScript Basics and Syntax [pdf]Eloquent JS, Chapters 1 & 2
[MDN] A re-introduction to JavaScript
21/18 Callbacks, Events, and Asynchronous Programming [pdf]Callback Hell
31/25 Object-Oriented JavaScript & ES6 Intro [pdf]Eloquent JS, Chapter 6
42/1 HTML, CSS and jQuery Codecademy HTML/CSS track
Bootstrap docs
[MDN] Document Object Model
Chrome DevTools docs
jQuery API
52/8 Socket.io Socket.io Docs
Socket.io Tutorial
62/15 Servers in JavaScript HTTP Made Really Easy
Express Docs
7 & 82/22 & 2/29 ReactJS React Docs
Redux Docs
93/15 Express w/Mongoose + JWT Auth
93/222 Advanced Redux + Frontend Routing Lecture Example