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Homework Policy

No Compile No Credit
Unfortunately we can not award any credit for programs that don't compile.

Document Your Code with Comments
Put a comment at the top of your file with your name, course name, date, homework number, collaborators, and anyone else (with the exception of course staff) who helped you. Each file should have a comment at the top, and each non-trivial method/function should have a comment above it.

Method/Function Headers

To get full credit, method/function names, return types, and parameter number/order/types need to be exactly as specified. Otherwise our testing software will not recognize them and will be unable to call them (to test them) or give credit for them. Our primary means of testing is to supply input to a method/function and to see if the expected output is returned.

Methods/Functions that Print
To facilitate your debugging process, we strongly encourage you to print output (with Java's System.out.println method or C's printf function) to help you know what your program is doing and when. However, our grading software completely ignores this output. Instead, it looks at values returned by methods/functions. Unfortunately we can not award credit for a value that is printed out with println() or printf() instead of being returned by a method/function. In fact our graders are happiest when submitted programs print NO output - they run faster that way. If you have a lot of println/printf statements in your program, we appreciate it if you commment them out in the version you submit to be graded.

Invalid Method/Function Arguments
At the beginning of the course, unless otherwise specified in the problem statement, assume that methods/functions will only be called with arguments that make sense for the problem statement.

Homework Submission

File Extensions - Be Careful to Submit the Right File, NOT One That Ends With "~"