Adding And Removing JARs in DrJava

A JAR file is a way of storing many (pre-compiled) Java classes. Below are instructions for adding and removing jar files from DrJava's resource locations. For more information on JAR files, see our JARs page and Using JAR Files: The Basics on Sun's site.

How to add a JAR

  1. When you download the jar, keep track of where you save it to
  2. Open DrJava
  3. Edit > Preferences
  4. Resource Locations (at left)
  5. In Extra Classpath, Add (browse and chose the new jar)
  6. Apply
  7. Okay
  8. Quit DrJava and re-open it in order for the change to take effect
Screenshot, showing location of edit, preferences, resources, add/remove, apply/ok

How to remove a JAR

  1. Open DrJava
  2. Edit > Preferences
  3. Resource Locations (at left)
  4. In Extra Classpath, click on the old jar name
  5. Remove
  6. Apply
  7. Okay