Group Members

Xiaofan Dou, Yifan Li, Yi Shang, Siqi Sun


Watching a movie used to be a pretty casual activity, something that people would only do to spend some of their spare time. However, it is no longer true in our modern world. Since the pace of work and life has become so fast that a modern person's leisure time has become so limited, taking some time off and going to a theatre to watch a movie has become more or less a luxury activity. As a result, people oftentimes would hope that every and each movie they are going to see is not going to be a waste of time, and the best way to ensure that is to refer to the opinions of those who have already seen the movie, no matter they are professional movie producers, actors, critics or just other members of the general audience. And if would be even better if the quality of a movie can be evaluated using a score! Besides that, people's desire to express and share their opinions have grown stronger than ever before in this great age of social networking. When it comes to movies, every cinephile is eager to have his or her voice heard well as to see the opinions of and talk to his or her fellow movie lovers. The goal of our project, is to provide such a platform for every moviegoer such that they can easily pull out the movie information, including scores given by professional film reviewing websites like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, statistical data like audience attendance and box office, and opinions of other viewers, of the movies that they are interested in. Also, a user would be able to make friends with those who share his or her interests and communicate via our online platform.