Group Members

Haoyun Qiu, Siqi Huang, Weijian Zhou, Chen Zhu


IMDB is a great website for retrieving movie information, but it offer little help for you on connecting other people who share common cinematic interests. Our product, ​ MovieFans,​ is a movie social network which exactly meet this need. It allows users to create their own accounts, config settings such as avatar, profile and favourite movie genres, follow/unfollow other users and create/join/leave interest groups. Meanwhile, users are able to search movie information, share/review/like movies on movie pages and post status update with friends. Also, users can tweet and tag people(i.e. use@ you know) and others can get notifications. You can also use hashtag(i.e #helloworld) to submit a topic and users can click it to locate similar hashtags. What’s more, MovieFans can recommend potential interesting movies to you in addition to serving as a social network websites and record keeper.