Group Members

He Chen, Jason Tang, Jay Jung, Fanglin Lu


The motivation behind our application was that we thought it would be a fun way to implement the given movie database. Using all of the datasets given, we decided to make a trivia game in which users could test their knowledge. The user could play a round of 20 multiple choice questions, with different types of questions such as “Which actor played in this movie?” or “What genre(s) is this movie?”. The user could also choose the difficulty of the question based on its ratings. Higher the difficulty setting would the questions would involve movies of lower rating on the basis that these would be more obscure and less known, while higher rated movies would be more well known, and therefore easier to recognize. For extra features, we used the google API so that users could have help from google search during the game. Another extra feature was using the Facebook API to share scores on your wall. And finally, we decided to use NoSQL to store user information, such as login information and game history.