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Yuetong Chi, Yue Chen, Pedro Samora, Daniel Laufer


ActorDB is a database to rate and review actors and their performances. Many rating and review systems exist for movies, such as IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, but few exist to rate and review actors and their performances.
The TRUE Rating for each actor in the database is the novel actor rating system based on all information on TMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and more. The TRUE rating (200 to 200) scales in magnitude based on the movie “size” that the actor is involved in and their character’s “importance” in the movies (see section 5 for more information about the TRUE Rating metric). The TRUE Rating rates “smaller” yet “better” actors higher than “larger” yet “worse” actors. The main features of the site include:
  • TRUE Rating a NEW Metric for rating Actors based on movies actedin, movie size, popularity, and existing (critic and audience) reviews
  • Search and RateActors, Movies, or each performance of each actor in each movie
  • Comment on actor performances
  • Best and Worst Actor Lists
  • Actor of the Day
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  • Like (Favorite) actors, movies, or performances and view a list on Account page
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