Group Members

Jonathan Dubin, Shiv Patel, Prashant Joshi, Samay Dhawan


The motivation behind our idea was to create a fun and educational game for movie fans that involves both their favorite actors and movies. The idea is loosely inspired by the online game Sporcle.
The web application MovieGuessr allows users to play ’quiz’ games involving their favorite actors, by returning a set of hidden strings representing the movies each actor has acted in, and allowing users to guess what the names of the movies are, incrementally uncovering all the answers. The user now has to guess the movies that the selected actor has acted in by typing into the input box. The code listens to any changes in this input box and whenever a match is made, the hidden movie is made visible. Users can also submit their score and see how they did at the end of the game by comparing their high score to a leaderboard of high scores.