Group 7 - Fantasy Olympics

Group Members

Arjun Pothukuchi, Ava Dagostino and Evan Tao


Fantasy Olympics is a web application in which users are able to create an account and play a simulated Olympic Games with each other. In the game, users select up to 10 real Olympic athletes for some set of events. The athletes are each given a performance score by the group's algorithm. The total scores for each player are compared, and the player with the highest score wins; scores are added to a global leaderboard for players who agree to doing so. The game makes use of Olympic data for athletes, events and countries; athlete biographies from Wikipedia; and weather data from WeatherUnderground. This game provides a platform for fans of the Olympics to engage with their favorite athletes and participate more in Olympics sporting events through fantasy play. The game also encourages Olympics fans to learn about lesser known athletes and events.