Group Members

Drew Fisher, Eric Meisel, Mawunyo Akabua, Jason Kong


Often times we think of places we want to visit, but when we have the opportunity to do so we have already forgotten what those places are. BucketList is our way of solving this problem, providing an easy-to-use list-maker with Facebook integration and social elements to make remembering places you want to go a breeze. By using the Yelp dataset, we were able to integrate list functionality with the database as its source material. If someone wanted to create a list of Chinese restaurants in the Philadelphia area that they wished to go to, they could easily use the BucketList search function to find the restaurants they want to visit and add them to a list. Google Maps integration allows for users to view on a map where each business is located and allows users to quickly find directions to those places. Once a restaurant or other place of interest has been visited, a user can check it off their bucket list. Social integration is an important aspect of BucketList. The intent is for users to want to find new places by following the lists of their friends. Users can view the lists of others and copy their lists to modify and use for themselves. Our recommendation feature also allows users to find new people and places to visit while simultaneously expanding their network of friends. You can immediately begin following the user recommended to you or add the business recommended to you to one of your bucket lists with just a few clicks.