Group Members

Sharon Ravindran, Roshni Srinath, Anusha Fernando, Tianxiang Chen


When hanging out with a group of people, it is usually difficult to decide a restaurant that all group members prefer. With the Yelp database at hand, our group decide to build a webbased application that narrows down the list of places that is preferable to the group as much as possible. One major function of our app is to add friends and create groups. Users are able to create multiple groups and add different members from their Yelp friend list. Once a group is created, any member can host an event. In order to decide a venue to go, we implement our restaurantrecommendation mechanism, which suggests the business based on both the initial preference of the host and all group member rating history. All members will receive a notification email once an event is saved, and will be able to view all events on their homepage.