Choose My Food

Group Members

Samantha Cohen, Casey Davis, Zachary Miller, Brian Sladek


Many clients find themselves in a situation where they are not sure which company they would like to use for a particular service. They may be interested in eating at a restaurant or visiting a hair salon or going out to a bar. Whatever the case, they may be deciding between two particular choices. Should I eat at Pizza Hut or Domino's? Should I visit Cain's Saloon, right near my house, or travel to Geno Como Salon, for its attractive prices? In order to help our users with this decision, our app gives them a recommendation. Our user simply might not want to decide for herself. So, she provides the two options that she is deliberating between to the application, and we ultimately respond by telling her, You would prefer Domino's to Pizza Hut or We think you would like Geno Como Salon more than Cain's. At a high level, the user experiences the following interactive process. She selects the two businesses that she cannot decide between. Our application then generates a questionnaire that is catered to those two particular options. The questionnaire contains a list of attributes to which the user informs us of her preferences in making this decision. This is the user's chance to let us know would like to be able to watch TV I prefer Wi-Fi, and I do not care if this restaurant takes reservations. Based on the user's preferences, our app recommends one of her choices over the other one. Finally, the website displays a results page that shows both business's hours of operation, the list of attributes that factored into our recommendation decision, some text reviews that previous customers have written about these companies, and other related pieces of information about the relevant businesses.