Group Members

Dichen Li, Linjie Peng, Jingyuan Wu, Yunchen Wei


Our web application is a social network application based on Yelp database it is a second home for all Yelp fans! You can easily login with your Facebook account, add other users as friends, share your experiences in a specific business and also post status updates and photos with your friends, etc.. Meanwhile, our app creates a public webpage for each business, where you can easily get a quick overview about the business and others reviews. Whats more? We integrate our app with Google Map, Google Chart and Wordle, so users can have a real street view around the business, get route info and get some useful statistics data about the business. We also recommended some nearby businesses based on user flavor and current location. We know there are a lot of Yelp fans. Yelp does provide some social networking functionalities, but it is not its main focus. Often Yelp is regarded as a platform for business reviewing and searching. We think there is a need for creating a more social networking oriented web application for users to share their experience, and at the same time, people can see more customized and detailed information about the businesses they like.