Side by Side

Group Members

Alagiavanan Saravanan, Sagarika Rayudu, Kaushik Yasaswy, Divya Prabhakar


Side by Side is web application aimed to bring data analysis to both the restauranteur and dining experiences in order to help both the customer and business owner make informed decisions. On one hand, the Business Side allows the user to flesh out an idea for a restaurant from the geographic location to the food categories to the service features they want to implement in their new venture. Continuously during the process, the app aggregates and presents data to the entrepreneur, based on the information of past restaurants, in order to help the user make the best decision possible. For example, the user begins by selecting the categories his restaurant should fall under, i.e. Chinese, Indian etc. Then the user chooses the state and city for his business, i.e. Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Then the app processes this information and provides location suggestions for the business owner to set up his new venture, based on where the highest success rates of other Chinese Indian restaurants in Philadelphia are located. The user then selects one of these neighborhood locales and is prompted to choose which features they want to provide, i.e. Wifi, Parking, Takeout, etc. At every step, the statistics are shown for what decisions other successful restaurants in this area, of this type, have chosen to make. The final dashboard summarizes the decisions the user has made along with the predicted rating for the user business based on his inputs, the user top competitors, and the reviews for the top competitors. On the other hand, the Customer Side allows a user to choose a state, city, and category and find all the restaurants that satisfy these three criteria. The user is allowed to select 3 restaurant options and then compare them, side by side, in terms of what features each offers. For example, on the Wifi page, each of the three restaurants will be displayed with an icon depicted whether or not that restaurant offers Wifi. The motivation behind Side by Side is to allow any user, business owner or customer, to make informed decisions about where they are eating or how their new restaurant idea will hold up given the current business climate.