Group Members

Aakriti Singla, Krishna Chaitanya Daliparthy, Parul Bhalla, Vamsi Jandhayala


Motivation behind:
On a daily basis we come across the following situations:
  • Clogged mailbox with pamphlets showing the deals on pizzas or any restaurants
  • Every company (not just restaurants or coffee shops) has its custom websites and mobile apps to publicize their offers for customers. It becomes increasingly difficult for us to check all the websites to find the best deals
  • Businesses like Yelp only give the business info to the user and help take a decision, the other way round
  • From a user perspective, there is a need for a good hangout planner
Enter UrbanBeats:
  • Now we let the businesses around you know about a potential customer around them
  • This means more customized and dynamic deals for the users
  • A neat way of organizing a hangout with friends or family
  • No pain of visiting various sites to find offers of the day, let the businesses take the pain for a customer