Group Members

Tae Hoon Kim, Jungi Kim, Steven Knauer, Rachel Miao


Although the Yelp website has a comprehensive listing of restaurants with reviews and ratings included, the Yelp map feature is difficult to use and can only display ten restaurants at a given time. The goal was to improve the usability of the Yelp data by creating a website called Circles, which allows a user to view a map of a city with all restaurants displayed at once. The restaurants are shown on the map as circles, which are sized based on the quality of the restaurant (determined by number of stars given by Yelp users) and colored based on cuisine type. On Circles, a user is able to log in via Facebook, filter restaurants by cuisine, number of stars, and price, and search for location. The goal of Circles is to allow users to see the culinary map of a city in order to make better restaurant choices.