Group Members

Tushar Nakra, Vibhor Nigam, Greg Barendt, Jared Seifter


Yelp is a great tool for finding restaurants to visit while you are on vacation, but it does not help with keeping track of which restaurants you are planning to visit, or when, while you are out of town. Our application will allow a user to register, plan a trip to a particular location, and plan a meal itinerary using the Yelp dataset. They can also share these details with their friends. A trip can include one or more places, provided in the Yelp dataset, all of which may belong to different categories. The user is provided with an interactive UI where he/she can search different businesses, read their reviews, see their locations, see the trend in the latest reviews, and make a decision by surfing through various details of the business. Our application aims to provide a complete and fulfilling experience to the user where he/she can satisfactorily plan their trips in an efficient and feasible manner.