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CIS399 Spring 2009
An Introduction to Computer Science in a Modern Linux Environment.

Instructor: Zachary Goldberg (zgs@seas)
Class listserv for discussions:

Office Hours

Zach Goldberg
By email appointment
GRW 057

Reilly Grant
Fridays, 4-5PM
Moore 100A

Mihai Oprea Thursdays 2:30-3:30PM
Moore 100A

Note: The resources link in the lefthand menu has a very useful section of Unix tutorials which are very helpful and provide lots of good information.


  • 3/15/09: Class 7 notes posted. Homework 6 posted. Quiz next week.
  • Class 6 Notes posted. In class demos posted to Lectures page.
  • 2/9/09: Homework 3 and Lecture 3 slides (3 pdfs) posted. Note that in class we used a "special" version of the distributions lecture slides. These slide don't themselves contain much information thus I have also posted a standard version containing the material you should know for the course.
  • 2/2/09: Homework 2 and Lecture 2 slides posted.
  • 1/26/09: Homework 1 and Lectures 0 and 1 posted.