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Recitations Homework WPE
Turn in homeworks to Moore 556C (GRW) -- office of Christine Metz, administrative assistant to Benjamin Pierce.

Homeworks will usually be due every Thursday by 4pm.
Late homeworks will receive a zero.

Homework 1 (PDF, PS), assigned Monday, Sept 9, is due Friday, Sept 13 at 12 noon.

Homework 2 (PDF, PS), assigned Friday, Sept 13, is due Thursday, Sept 19 at 4PM.

Homework 3 (PDF, PS), assigned Thursday, Sept 19, is due Thursday, Sept 26 at 4PM.

Homework 4 (PDF, PS), assigned Thursday, Sept 26, is due Thursday, Oct 3 at 4PM.

Homework 5 (PDF, PS), assigned Thursday, Oct 3, is due Thursday, Oct 10 at 4PM.

Homework 6 (PDF, PS), assigned Monday, Oct 14, is due Friday, Oct 18 at noon.

Homework 7 (PDF, PS), assigned Friday, Oct 17, is due Friday, Oct 25 at noon (not Thursday Oct 24 at 4PM, as was originally announced).

Homework 8 (PDF, PS), assigned Friday, Oct 24, is due Thursday, Oct 31 at 4PM.

Homework 9 (PDF, PS), is due Thursday, Nov 7 at 4PM.

Homework 10 (PDF, PS), is due Monday, Nov 11 at noon.

Homework 11 (PDF, PS), is due Thursday, Nov 21 at 4PM.

Homework 12 (PDF, PS), is due Wednesday, Nov 27 at noon.

Homework 13 (PDF, PS), is due Monday, Dec 9 at 4PM.