CIS 500: Resources

Recommended Sources of Class Help

Lecture Notes

Note: not every class will have accompanying notes.

Homework solutions


OCaml Help

A tutorial on getting started with OCaml on SEAS systems is being drafted.

Parts of Jason Hickey's An Introduction to the Objective Caml Language will be handed out on the first day of class. The full notes contain some extra chapters that you may find interesting to read on your own.

The OCaml homepage is a valuable resource. Some particularly helpful pages there:

If you use the Mozilla or Firebird browsers you may find MozCaml useful when browsing the manual.

Typesetting Help

If you would like to type up your homework, you may use this LaTeX Tutorial (PDF, PostScript). We highly recommend taking the time both to learn LaTeX and to write up your assignments. (It will be required for at least one of the core classes in the Spring, so you might as well learn now.)