CIS 500: Syllabus for WPE-I


Types and Programming Languages. Benjamin C. Pierce. MIT Press, 2002.

WPE-I Syllabus:

  1. Basic reading knowledge of the OCaml core language, as used in Types and Programming Languages. The WPE-I exam will not test the ability to write OCaml programs, but may require understanding, discussing, and debugging code fragments. Only the core language is needed -- not the module system or the object-oriented features of OCaml.
  2. Chapters 1-11 and 13-19 of TAPL.
  3. Section 15.6 (Coercion Semantics for Subtyping) will not appear on the exam. (Added on 12/2/2002.)


This syllabus largely overlaps to the material that will be covered in class and homework assignments in CIS500. (Some additional material may be covered in CIS500, time permitting, that is not required for the WPE-I.) Also, the WPE-I exam itself will be the same as the CIS500 final exam. A separate (non-curved) WPE-I grade of Pass or Fail will be given in addition to the normal (curved) final exam grade for CIS500.