CIS 500: Resources

Recommended Sources of Class Help

Lecture Notes

See the schedule for the lecture notes. Note: not every class will have accompanying notes. 


OCaml Help

A tutorial on getting started with OCaml on SEAS systems.

A guide to OCaml style. Note:The recommendations in this guide are given for the purpose of making your code more readable. If your code does not follow these guidelines, we may refuse to read (and thus grade) your assignments.

Jason Hickey's An Introduction to the Objective Caml Language gives a gentle introduction to OCaml.

The OCaml homepage is a valuable resource. Some particularly helpful pages there:

Typesetting Help

We will require that you submit homework electronically in ASCII, Postscript or PDF format. If you would like to typeset your homework, this LaTeX Tutorial (PDF, PostScript) may help you get started. We highly recommend taking the time to learn LaTeX to write up your assignments. (It is required for at least one of the core classes in the Spring, so you might as well learn now.)