Symbols: Special symbols


Basics: Functional Programming in Coq

Induction: Proof by Induction

Lists: Working with Structured Data

Poly: Polymorphism and Higher-Order Functions

Gen: Generalizing Induction Hypotheses

Prop: Propositions and Evidence

Logic: Logic in Coq

SfLib: Software Foundations Library

Imp: Simple Imperative Programs

ImpParser: Lexing and Parsing in Coq

ImpCEvalFun: Evaluation Function for Imp

Extraction: Extracting ML from Coq

Equiv: Program Equivalence

Hoare: Hoare Logic

HoareList: Hoare Logic with Lists

HoareAsLogic: Hoare Logic as a Logic

Rel: Properties of Relations

Smallstep: Small-step Operational Semantics

Types: Type Systems

Stlc: The Simply Typed Lambda-Calculus


MoreStlc: More on the Simply Typed Lambda-Calculus

Records: Adding Records to STLC

References: Typing Mutable References

Sub: Subtyping

RecordSub: Subtyping with Records

Norm: Normalization of STLC

LibTactics: A Collection of Handy General-Purpose Tactics

UseTactics: Tactic Library for Coq: A Gentle Introduction

UseAuto: Theory and Practice of Automation in Coq Proofs

PE: Partial Evaluation


Extraction2: Extracting ML from Coq, Part 2

NormInType: Alternate Version of Normalization, for Extraction

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