CIS502: Algorithms
Fall 2016

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Location: Berger Auditorium, Skirkanich Hall
Time: Mon/Wed 1:30-3:00pm
Required Textbook: Algorithm Design by Jon Kleinberg & Eva Tardos
Digital Resources: Piazza and Canvas
Syllabus: pdf

This course serves as a graduate-level introduction to algorithms design and analysis. Topics covered include

  • Greedy Algorithms
  • Divide and Conquer
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Max Flow/Min Cut
  • NP-hardness and intractability
  • Approximation and Randomization


Sudipto Guha
Office: Levine 564
Office Hours: TBD
E-mail: (firstname) at cis

Peter Ballen
Office: Levine 565
Office Hours: Mon/Wed, 3:00-4:00
E-mail: (first initial)(lastname) at cis

Guillermo Gutierrez
Office: N/A
Office Hours: Tue, 11:00-1:00
E-mail: (first initial) guti at cis

Sudipto Guha

Peter Ballen

Guillermo Gutierrez


Midterms: There are two in-class midterms. You may use handwritten notes on the midterm. You cannot use printed handouts, the textbook, or electronic devices.

Final: The final will be 3 hours long. The registrar will schedule a 2 hour time block: we will start 30 minutes earlier and end 30 minutes later than the assigned block. The final is closed book; unlike the midterms, you cannot use any notes, handwritten or otherwise. The final also serves as a WPE-I exam.

Homework: Homework problems will be assigned weekly. We will use Canvas to assign problems, collect solutions, and provide feedback. After the assignment is collected, we will provide a model solution. Note that homework does not contribute to your final grade. However, exam questions are similar to homework questions, so homework provides an important opportunity to check your understanding and receive feedback in a low-stakes setting.

You may use any resources you find helpful while working on assignments, including working with your peers, Piazza, and consulting with the professors and TAs during Office Hours. If you collaborate on an assignment, then please have only one person submit a copy of your solutions for the entire group.

Makeup Exams: Makeup exams are possible in the following circumstances:

In all cases, please contact Sudipto as soon as you become aware of a possible conflict.

Piazza: We will use Piazza to make announcements; please sign up for the course.

Extra Credit: No extra credit will be offered.

Academic Integrity: If there is a plausable violation of academic integrity during the exams, the Office of Student Conduct will be consulted.