The primary mission of the Confocal - Multiphoton Microscopy Core is to support innovative research by providing nearly unlimited access to state-of-the-art biomedical imaging equipment.   A secondary, but very important function of the Core is to provide instruction in morphological research techniques for investigators and members of their research staffs.

All services are based in the Towne Building room 390 - Microscopy Suite. The space includes imaging laboratories with light microscopes, the confocal and multiphoton microscope, a computer analysis area to do three-dimensional reconstruction and  morphometry, and an experiment prep space including a culture area with incubator.

Consider this facility as an extension of your own research laboratory. Effectively, it's an extension that provides expensive, specialized equipment and experienced technical staff required for performing morphological analyses. We currently offer a variety of  confocal laser scanning microscopy, multiphoton imaging and film based epifluorescence imaging as well as a complete array of computerized morphological-data analysis services. Our services are tailored for each investigator whether novice or expert. The Core staff is always available for consulting on the morphological aspects of a project, and is willing to custom-design services to fit any investigators needs.

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