Senior Design Projects, 2004-2005


A Study of the Dutch Auction System in the Business to Consumer and Consumer to Consumer Market Places

Reginald J. Chinthrajah

Susan Davidson

Automated Price Comparison Shopping Search Engine
Elwin M. Chai
Rick A. Jones

Zachary Ives

poster writeup
Deep Doyle

Patrick Carron

C.J. Taylor

Digital Steganography

Johnnie C. Thomas

Jianbo Shi

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DSAiLE: Distributed Seating Allocation in Large Environments

Paolo E. Bezoari
Alex H. Hsi

C.J. Taylor

E-Commerce: A Networked Approach

Dai Yu

Michael Kearns

Enhancement of Jgraph

Bertan Aygun

E. Lewis

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Forsale Website

Christopher Low
Paul W. Schied

Steve Zdancewic

poster writeup
Hierarchical Sense Distinction Chooser: A Plugin for WordFreak

Sean M. Enright

Martha Palmer

Inferring Mixtures of Markov Chains

Mark J.Kupets

Sampath Kannan

poster writeup
Intelligent Poker Player Using Human Behavior Modeling

Michael M. Andrusyna
Bension Dworkin

Michael Kearns

poster writeup
IRA: Intelligent RSS Aggregation

Scott B. Graham

Lyle Ungar

poster writeup
Kontax Personal Contact System

Sachin Rekhi
Mehal H. Shah

E. Lewis

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Learn to Play Poker like a College Student

Robert J. Hemphill

Norm Badler

Linux Audio Player

Matthew J. Van Antwerp

C.J. Taylor

Lync: Searching for a better search

Radhika Gupta
Nalin L. Moniz

Sudipto Guha

poster writeup
MARS Simulator

Sanzar F. Kakar
Bradley S. Rosenbaum

C.J. Taylor

poster writeup
Misuse Detection and Prevention in Ad-hoc Networks

Reuven Gevaryahu
J. Robert Yaros

Saswati Sarkar

poster writeup
Model for Recognizing Market Movements based on Linguistic Analysis of News

Aaron R. Goldman
Craig P. Motlin

Mitch Marcus

Network Security Analysis and Implementation on the iHistory Network

Stephen M. Richter


On Selfish Routing: Empirical and Theoretical Perspectives

Huanlei Ni

Michael Kearns

poster writeup
Online Fitness Instructor

John Porrazza


Photography-based Texturing

Darren Tay

C.J. Taylor

poster writeup

Elizabeth A. Palmer

Pat Palmer

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PLAT: Anant and Icksoo

Anant V. Jalan
Icksoo Jung

Michael Kearns

poster writeup
PLAT: Jason and Joey

Jason M. Brinberg
Joseph M. Fehrman

Michael Kearns

poster writeup
PLAT: Lawrence and Hahn

Hahn C. Bak
Lawrence Sohn

Michael Kearns

PLAT: Nazia and Priyal

Nazia Hashmi
Priyal K. Parikh

Michael Kearns

PLAT: Sam and Corey

Sam E. Abraham
Corey I. Kanon

Michael Kearns

PLAT: Viren and Mohit

Viren V. Kumar
Mohit Mutreja

Michael Kearns

Project Valkyrie

Yoshihito Takashima

Insup Lee

poster writeup
Recognizing Obscured Alphanumeric Characters generated by a CAPTCHA Program

Maksim Rapoport
Yurir Vasilyev

C. J. Taylor

poster writeup
RFID Management Systems for Retail and Domestic Applications

Mary O. Obasi

Jean Griffin

Surveying and Improving Electronic Voting Schemes

Jonathan D. Goulet
Jeffrey S. Zitelli

Sampath Kannan

poster writeup
Tactical RPGs with Tactics: Opponents that Learn

Matthew J. Riley

Stephen Lane

The Pro Sports Database

Joshua D. Pollak

Susan Davidson


Shreyans Bhansali
Andre S. De Clercq

Val Tannen

poster writeup
Unmung: The Encrypted Email Alias System

Nathan T. Kennedy

E. Lewis

Virtual Collaboration Room

Muhammad Bilal Aslam
Olga B. Ivanova

Zachary Ives

poster writeup
Virtual Counselor

Benjamin H. Kamine
David Kurnov

Barry Silverman

What Do You See? Generating Imperfect Attention in Virtual Agents

Catherine R. Stocker

Norm Badler

XML Query Processing: Implementing the X-scan operator and investigating ways to optimize X-scan

Guoquan Lee
Trivik R. Bhavnani

Zachary Ives

poster writeup