CSE 401: Senior Project Web Pages

Spring 2007


NAME Project Title
CHENG,LUCIANO M Advanced CIAM Allosteric site ranking
FONTANA,PETER C Analyzing a Greedy Approximation of an MDL Summarization
BERGER,DANIEL R Application of Small-World Graphs in Social Networks
PIERCE,ERIC M The Poor Man's American Sign Language to English Translation
LAGATTUTA,ANDREW J Design and Implementation of an FPGA Based Digital Audio Player
REINHOLT,A BRYAN Email2wiki: A Wiki-based email archival system
DORON,NETTA Emergency Personnel GPS Tracking System
HORNYACK,PETER J Evaluating Token Cache Coherence Implementation using FPGAs
GILDER,ARIEL E, LERMAN,KEVIN L Forecasting Prediction Markets Using News Article Sentiment
HSU,RAYMOND Implementation and Analysis of Meta-heuristics on Constrained Optimization Problems
PFUND,JEREMY R Support Vector Machines in the Machine Learning Classifier for a Texas Holdem Poker Bot
ALEONG,MICHELLE M Location Recognition from Visual Feature Extraction
CHU,JONATHAN M Low-Level and High-Level Controls for Autonomous DARPA Urban Challenge Vehicle
SORKIN,BELLA Online Cookbook
TRAN,MENG S Playing Go/Othello
YORK,SKYLER K Procedural Terrain Generation and Object Propagation
CAMPION,GERAUD R, O'CONNOR,MICHAEL P Refactoring the Java Card Framework
HIMROD,DAVID M, JOHNSON,KYLE R Online Code Collaboration System
SHKOLNIK,JAMES D Seamless File Sharing Using User Relative Naming and Address Resolution
GUI,KAIRA DAPHNE, MOHD NOR,TANIA The Cost of Privacy: Consumers vs Firms
GUPTA,RAJ, SYROTKIN,OLEKSIY M Structured Query Language with Recursion
LI,JOHN S, YOON,JUNG HYUN Chrysalis: A Single Source VIdeo Based Motion Capture System
CHUGH,RAVI K View update for textual data: a bi-directional solution
RAY,CHRISTOPHER Visual Pattern recognition that interfaces Cell Phones with Froogle.
BENDER,SCOTT A Web Based Event Futures Market
CHEN,JING, JATIA,ANANT zMovie: The Movie Recommender
MIZRAHI,MATTHEW Political News Indexer