Final Senior Design Projects - 2012/2013

Below are the final project reports and posters for 2012/2013 Senior Design. Any redacted documents have been done at the request of the authors for reasons of intellectual property or pending publication:

1. Readability Metric for Colored Text [report] [poster]
2. HeisenBase: Understanding Database Performance in Haskell [report] [poster]
3. SP4: High-Performance Machine Learning in Software-Defined Networks -withheld- -withheld-
4. Programming Language Mythbusters [report] [poster]
5. PennFS: A File System on Relational Database [report] [poster]
6. PlayAffect: A Platform for Using Physiological and Behavioral Measures... [report] [poster]
7. ROTORouter - Route-Orderly Traffic-Only Router -withheld- [poster]
8. Rails off the Rails: Visualizing Railway Safety Incidents [report] [poster]
9. Artificial Intelligence for Commodity Hardware Aerial Drones [report] [poster]
10. JOCS - Judgement of Code Style [report] [poster]
11. AdVise: Offline Advertisement Analytics [report] [poster]
12. PPL: A Logic for PTIME Queries on Programs [report] [poster]
13. Reading Music from Images [report] [poster]
14. WikiCat: A Graph-based Algorithm for Categorizing Wikipedia Articles [report] [poster]
15. Ujumbo: A Generic Application Development Platform [report] [poster]
16. SPERCH: A Novel Product Recommendation Engine [report] [poster]
17. SIQL: Simple Interactive Query Language [report] [poster]
18. Real-time Inventory Management with RFIDash [report] [poster]
19. Multi-modal Human Robot Interaction in a Simulation Environment [report] [poster]
20. STRAP: System for Twitter Ranking and Prediction [report] [poster]
21. Journalist Authors' Effect on Stocks and Securities -withheld- -withheld-