Final Senior Design Projects - 2013/2014

Below are the final project reports and posters for 2013/2014 Senior Design. Any redacted documents have been done at the request of the authors for reasons of intellectual property or pending publication:

1. Scoring Geometric Distortions in Images [report] [poster]
2. Simulated Quantum Annealer [report] [poster]
3. CodeScore: Automating Checks for Code Quality [report] [poster]
4. ORCA: Optimized Retail Contextual Advertising [report] [poster]
5. KomputerKingdom: An Online Gaming Environment to Build Foundational... [report] [poster]
6. Language Disambiguator for Disease Analysis [report] [poster]
7. Development of Tangential Learning in Video Games [report] [poster]
8. PennAnalytics: Network Visualization and Analytics [report] [poster]
9. Interior Mapping via Ad-Hoc Networks [report] [poster]
10. Sports Metrics-Tracking Wearable Sleeve [report] [poster]
11. Electronic Knee Wrap for Injury Prediction [report] [poster]
12. Gesture Gym: A Therapeutic Tablet Application [report] [poster]
13. CustoVal: Estimating Customer Lifetime Value Using Machine Learning... [report] [poster]
14. Fast Circuit Satisfiability Algorithms and Applications [report] [poster]
15. JavaScript Documentation Generation Through Semantic Code Analysis [report] [poster]
16. U-AMP: User Input Based Algorithm Music Platform [report] [poster]
17. Smart Skins - Embedded Sensor Network [report] [poster]
18. DeepBLE - Localized Navigation Using Low Energy Bluetooth [report] [poster]
19. Development of Blood Pressure Norms for Infants Under Anesthesia -withheld- -withheld-
20. Adhere: A System to Support Medication Adherence [report] [poster]
21. Who's Down? [report] [poster]