Final Senior Design Projects - 2014/2015

Below are the final project reports and posters for 2014/2015 Senior Design. Any redacted documents have been done at the request of the authors for reasons of intellectual property or pending publication:

1. BRUCE: A Distributed Code Execution Service [report] [poster]
2. Observing Republican and Democrat Behavior through Tweeted Articles [report] [poster]
3. Influence Maximization in Time Varying Networks -withheld- -withheld-
4. MemAid - A Therapeutic Application for Dementia Patients and Caregivers [report] [poster]
5. LAKITU: Long-range Aerial Kinetic Immersive Telepresence Unit [report] [poster]
6. JungleGym: A Visual Programming Language for iOS [report] [poster]
7. Decentralized Reputation System for Transaction Networks [report] [poster]
8. University Depression Rankings Using Twitter Data [report] [poster]
9. A Game of Drones: Route Planning For Distribution of Multiple Goods [report] [poster]
10. Interpolating Depth Panoramas Captured With Kinect for the Oculus Rift [report] [poster]
11. Verification of System FC in Coq [report] [poster]
12. TrackIt: A Cash Tracking and Budgeting Application [report] [poster]
13. MelTS: Melody Translation System [report] [poster]
14. Modeling Disease Outbreaks with Digital Networks [report] [poster]
15. Programming Language Support for Autoassociative Memory [report] [poster]
16. Domain Adaptation of Word Embeddings for Cross-Lingual Word Sense Disambiguation -withheld- -withheld-
17. AnomVis: Anomaly Visualization [report] [poster]
18. Evaluation Platform for Real-Time Resource Provisioning Algorithms [report] [poster]
19. Distributed Optimization over UDP -withheld- -withheld-
20. Mole Investigator: Detecting Cancerous Skin Moles Through Computer Vision [report] [poster]
21. Penn Course Recommender [report] [poster]
22. Institutional Analytics for Retail Investors [report] [poster]
23. Privacy Detection and Management with Facebook Photos [report] [poster]
24. War of Words: An Educational Game [report] [poster]
25. Operating Room Rescheduler [report] [poster]