About me

My name is Xiang Deng, and I am a research staff member from Prof. Dan Lee's group, GRASP Lab at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn), after my MS in Robotics at Penn in May 2017.

Currently, I work on motions of humanoid robots, more specifically, humanoid robots' learning dynamic motion from human demonstrations and humanoid robots' push recovery with stability guarantees. One thing I really enjoy about studying dynamic motions of robots eg. humanoids is that it constantly inspires me to explore the science behind how humans or animals move or locomote and to create new ideas for research.

Meanwhile I am in charge of the core developments of Penn's robotics soccer team (Oct 2017 - present). Our team accomplished 3rd place in Robocup 2017 Standard Platform Challenge Shield and 3rd place in US Open 2017. I believe robotics competition is a great way to demonstrate scientific and engineering solutions in practical settings and also to connect robotics research with broader audiences.

Capilano Suspension Bridge, North Vancouver, 2017