EAS 205, Fall 2013

Applications of Scientific Computation

Course Information

Lectures: Towne 315, Mon-Wed-Fri, 2-3pm
Recitation: Towne 309, Thurs, 11-12.


Ladislav Kavan, office hours: Wednesdays 3-5pm


Xiao Zeng, office hours: 3:30 - 4:30 in Moore 100 B
Jacob Gissinger, office hours: Tuesdays 1:30-2:30 in Moore 100 C
Wednesdays 10-11 in Moore 100 B


Vector spaces, Matrix groups, Inner products, Orthogonality, Basis, Dimension, Solving systems of linear equations, Matrix inversion, LU decomposition, Determinants, Orthogonal matrices, Coordinate transformations, Quadratic forms, Eigenvectors and eigenvalues, Singular Value Decomposition, Matrix powers and matrix exponential, Solution of linear differential equations

Course notes:

Recorded lectures are available on YouTube

Homeworks and projects:

Available through our Canvas site


Projects: 35%, Homework: 30%, Midterm: 15%, Final: 20%


The best place to ask is our Piazza site


Introduction to Linear Algebra. Gilbert Strang, Wellesley Cambridge Press, 4th edition, 2009.

If you are serious about MATLAB:
Essential Matlab for Engineers and Scientists. Brian Hahn and Dan Valentine, Academic Press, 2010, 4th edition.

Other useful resources:

Gilbert Strang's video lectures