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Media News and Press Release about Our Research Physics Today, May 2017, an article by Mark Wilson entitled “Photonic doping tunes transparent media” about our Scince article on “Photonic Doping of Epsilon-Near-Zero Media”, .3.3544?utm_source=Physics%20Today&utm_mediu m=email&utm_campaign=8249598_NQ%20- %20May%202017%20TOC&dm_i=1Y69,4WTFI,E1P4 6A,IMDSB,1 . Phys.Org,,, Penn News Today, Press release entitled “Photonic doping makes class of metamaterials easier to fabricate” prepared by E. Lerner, about our Science paper entitled “Photonic doping of epsilon-near- zero media,” I. Liberal, A. Mahmoud, Y. Li, B. Edwards, and N. Engheta, Vol. 335, no. 6329, pp. 1058-1062, 2017.  Relevant links:  Penn News Today: photonic-doping-makes-class-metamaterials-easier- fabricate?utm_source=Primary&utm_campaign=375 992f756- EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_03_10&utm_medium=e
mail&utm_term=0_3777f2ca8f-375992f756-43407461 Phys.Org:   S     c     i     e     n     c     e     D     a     i     l     y     .     c     o     m     :       w y 0 9142133.htm Persian Heritage, September 2016, interview with the magazine editor, http://persian- Huffington Post August 18, 2016, interview entitled “Nader Engheta: Pinnacle of Interdisciplinary Research,” interviewer: Jahandad Memarian, memarian/nader-engheta-the- pinnacl_b_11556358.html Optics and Photonics News (OPN): July/August issue 2016, the cover story was our feaure article on the zero-index platforms, our paper I. Liberal and N. Engheta, "Zero-Index Platforms: Where Light Defies Geometry," OPN, Vol. 27, pp. 28-33, July-August 2016: http://www.osa- eatures/zero- index_platforms_where_light_defies_geometry/
SPIE TV: Jan 21, 2016, A video prepared by SPIE on the occasion of receiving the 2015 SPIE Gold Medal.  The video has been posted on SPIE News and SPIE Nanotechnology: articles/videos/engheta-video , , Penn News Today: Jan 6, 2016, A News entitled “Spirit of Innovation” about the Fellow of National Academy of Inventors (NAI), http://us5.campaign- 9e387ab&e=1de6e05e57 Penn News Today: Jan 5, 2016, A News entitled “Scientific Advances” about the NSSEFF Award from US DoD, http://us5.campaign- 9781dc&e=1de6e05e57 Optics and Photonics News, Our work on “Advances in ENZ Metamaterial Devices” was selected as one of the highlights of optics in 2015 (OPN: Vol. 26, No. 12, p. 35, 2015.).  http://www.osa-
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