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Making Light-Bending Raspberry-like Metamolecules” by Evan Lerner, March 16, 2015. researchers-develop-way-making-light-bending- raspberry-metamolecules about our ACS Nano paper entitled “Raspberry-like Metamolecules Exhibiting Strong Magnetic Resonances” by Z. Qian, S. P. Hastings, C. Li, B. Edwards, C. K. McGinn, N. Engheta, Z. Fakhraai, and S.-J. Park. Optics and Photonics News, Our work on “Doing Math with Light” was selected as one of the highlights of optics in 2014 (OPN: Vol. 25, No. 12, p. 52, 2014.). This is based on our Science paper on “Performing Mathematical Operations Using Metamaterials” Science., Vol. 343, Issue 6167, pp. 160- 163, Jan 2014 by A. Silva, F. Monticone, G. Castaldi, V. Galdi, A. Alu, and N. Engheta. Engineering and Technology Magazine (E & T) of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET): Vol. 9, Issue 12, December 15, 2014, a news article entitled “Photonic computers promise energy-efficient supercomputers” by Christine Evans-Pughe,
supercomputers.cfm  about our Science paper on “Performing mathematical operators with metamaterials”. MRS Bulletin: Vol. 39, Issue 12, page 1039, December, 2014, A News and Analysis entitled “Digital Metamaterial Bits for Simplere Optical Elements” by Ian McDonald, about our Nature Materials paper entitled “Digital Metamaterials” by C. Della Giovampaola and N. Engheta. Penn News Today:  press release entitled “Penn Research Shows Ways to Design ‘Digital’ Metamaterials” by Evan Lerner, November 24, 2014. research-shows-way-design-digital-metamaterials  about our Nature Materials paper entitled “Digital Metamaterials” by C. Della Giovampaola and N. Engheta. Several press releases on October 20, 2014: reversible-laser-tractor-beam/,
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