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watch more >> watch more >> watch more >> watch more >> News & Highlights - General  The Engheta group Biography Biography Research Programs Research Programs Publications Publications Awards & Honors Awards & Honors d=226392005 The Daily Telegraph, about our work on achieving transparency using metamaterials,  Article by Roger Highfield, "Not seeing is believing for invisibility cloak", February 28, 2005. Biophotonics International article about the work on visibility enhancement using bio-inspired imaging in our lab. Article by Daniel J. Dufresne, on "Polarization-Difference Imaging Stretches the Limits of Visibility", Biophotonics International, Jan/Feb 1997, P. 34. Science News about the work on Polarization- Difference Imaging in our lab,  Article by Sunny Baines, "Sunfish Shows the Way Through the Fog", Science, New Series, Vol. 272, No. 5262, May 3, 1996, p. 653. London Times article about our work on Bio-inspired Polarization Imaging in our lab. Article by Nigel Hawkes on "As clear as mud to a fish" in London Times, June 3, 1996, p. 16.
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