Course Description

ESE 190 (0.5 cu) is an introduction to open source hardware and software platforms.  Using hands-on labs developed exclusively for this class, this course will explore Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms as well as using the programming language, Processing, to interface the microcontrollers to sensors . An introductory lab on InternetofThings (IoT)will also be covered.
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The class is based on ESE111, an introductory class for students enrolled in Electrical and Systems engineering.
Anyone on Penn campus is welcome to enroll in this class !

ESE students are strongly discouraged to take this class.

The prerequisites are high school math + physics and willingness to tinker ! The class will be held in DRL A4. The labs meet in Detkin Lab, Moore 101, Electrical and Systems Engineering Department on 33rd and Walnut st.
Current class links: Piazza, Canvas, Google Drive (class/Lab contents)
IMPORTANT : The course is ONLY available to Penn students .

Class Schedule

Class meets on Tuesdays at 4.30P
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Assignments (Please see Canvas site)


Sid Deliwala <> and Architechs

Teaching Assistants (Spring 2020)

Matt Wolfmann (Lead) and Kate Ballard (Co-Lead)

Other TAs names coming soon

Lab Syllabus
Link to all Labs
Week 1: Open Source Platforms (1) : Arduino, Sketch, Iterative coding methodology
Lab 0 : Getting used to Arduino
Week 2: Sensor Characterization : Safety, Basic Electronics (circuit theory, measurements, parts identification)
Lab 1 : Pushbuttons, don't underestimate me!
Week 3: Sensors and Software :Understanding  Processing Code  Structure, variables and flow control, Interfacing to the Real World
Lab 2 : Sensors and Actuators
Lab 3 : Mini Thermostat
Lab 4 : Talking to the cloud : Baby steps to Internet of Things, TCP/IP and UDP
Lab 5 : Building peer to peer communication system using Bluetooth
Lab 6 : Mini - Project, Pretty Lights
Final Project : TBD

Electrical and Systems Engineering Department
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