Course Description

ESE 292 (0.5 cu) is a project-centric course for ESE majors to engage in circuit layout and prototype design skills. Students will work in teams to develop printed circuit boards using industry standard tools like Altium and learn mechanical prototyping skills using Solidworks. Emphasis will be on developing sound printed circuit board layout practices using circuitry knowledge that they will use in ese215 and ese370.

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The class is customized to appeal to ESE majors and they will be given a priority during enrollment. SSE majors welcome!
Course prerequisite or co-requisite: ESE215
(currently enrolled is fine)

Class Schedule

Class Meets in the Detkin Lab (Moore 101) on Tuesdays at 6p

Assignments (Please see Canvas site)


Nick McGill <>

Lead Teaching Assistants /Student Instructor Team (Fall 2017)


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Lab Syllabus

Week 1: 2D design
Programs: SolidWorks Tools: Basic Sketch feature, Mirroring, Patterning, Simple Extrusions, SW short key andfunctions
Homework: Complete RPL Laser Training in next two weeks.
Week 2: Assemble
Teaser: Box WallPrograms: SolidWorks AssemblesTools: Assembles, mates, contraints, Kerf, Expansion and animation.
Homework: Part Assembly
Week 3: Advanced 3D design
Opener: Review AssembliesPrograms: SolidWorks Tools: Loft, Sweep, mirrors, intro Surfaces, and other 3d features.
Homework: Totem
Week 4: Prototyping
Presentation: Design for Prototyping and Machine SelectionPrograms: DraftSight, MakerWare and Cubify Tools: Design, Slicing, Material Selections,
Homework: Prototyping plan
Week 5: Drawing and Communication
Teaser: Drawing TestPrograms: SolidWorks DrawingTools: Measure, Annotate, Tolerances, Explaining.
Homework: Full Prototyping plan for final projWeek 6: EDA software (Altium) workflow basics :schematic capture,  simulation, layout and fabrication,
Week 7: Altium Layout tools, hands on lab  (pcb design)
Week 8: Verification and error tracking in pcb design,  
Week 9: Mini Project 1
Week 10: Advanced Layout, use of simulation and verification tools in Altium,  pcb design constraints 
Week 11: Use of simulation and verification tools in Altium, advanced tools in PCB design
Week 12: Mini Project 2, [Wireless bug] GERBER file basics and PCB manufacturing

Final Project : 1 Watt LED Flashlight design

Guest Speaker
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