Medical Devices Lab

Course: ESE3400

Units: 1.0 CU
Term: Fall 2023
When: Lecture: W 10:15-11:45am, Lab: M 10:15am-1:15pm (all times are EST)
Where: Lecture and Lab: Detkin Lab
Instructor: Tania Khanna (Levine 262, seas: taniak)
Instructor Office Hours: W 1-2:30pm (in person), or by appointment
TA: Henry Love (seas: hwlove) (office hours: F 11am-12:30pm in Detkin)

Prerequisites: None, but ESE 2150 and/or ESE 2240 are recommended
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Catalog Level Description: With the demand for personalized medicine and health care, the need for consumer medical devices has risen. Traditionally devices have been designed from the ground up, but with more standardized components and software tools devices can be built to fulfill this need. This course will introduce design of medical devices. Students will learn the basics of sensors, signal conditioning, data acquisition and analysis, biopotential, biopotential electrodes, biomedical instrumentation, examples of biological signal measurement and electronics safety. This will be a lab based inquiry into medical device design.

Role and Objectives

Students will: