Working Calendar: ESE532, Spring 2017

Wk Lect. Date Lecture Slides Due Ref.
1 1 1/11 W Intro/Overview ppt pdf read
2 1/16 M No Class: MLK Day Holiday
2 1/17 W Analysis, Metrics, Bottlenecks ppt pdf read
1/20 F HW1: Hello Zynq FAQ
3 3 1/23 M Parallelism Overview ppt pdf read
4 1/25 W Data Parallel (SIMD, Vector) ppt pdf read
1/27 F HW2: Software, Analysis
4 5 1/30 M Dataflow Process Model (also Drop Day) ppt pdf read
6 2/1 W Threads and Shared Memory ppt pdf read
2/3 F HW3: SIMD
5 7 2/5 M Memory (basic organizations) ppt pdf read
8 2/8 W Data movement (Interconnect, DMA) ppt pdf read
2/10 F HW4: Thread Parallel
6 9 2/13 M Spatial Computations (hardware) ppt pdf read
10 2/15 W HLS: C-to-gates ppt pdf read
2/17 F HW5: Memory and I/O
7 11 2/20 M Real Time ppt pdf read
2/22 W No Class: FPGA 2017
2/24 F HW6: Accelerator (1-4 suggested)
8 12 2/27 M Polling, Interrupts, Reactive ppt pdf read
13 3/1 W Midterm Exam (in class) Midterm as given
3/3 F HW6: Accelerator
3/6 M No Class: Spring Break
3/8 W No Class: Spring Break
3/10 F
9 14 3/13 M Design Space Exploration ppt pdf read
15 3/15 W VLIW ppt pdf read
3/17 F HW7: Model Computation
10 16 3/20 M MPEG Encoding ppt pdf read
17 3/22 W Estimating Chip Area and Costs ppt pdf read
3/24 F (Withdraw Date) Project
P1: Analysis and Requirements
11 18 3/27 M Data Representation and Precision ppt pdf read
19 3/29 W Network-on-a-Chip ppt pdf read
3/31 F P2: Parallelism Opportunities and Design Space
12 20 4/3 M Reducing Cycle Time, Pipelining, Dataflow ppt pdf read
21 4/5 W Technology Scaling ppt pdf read
4/7 F P3: 4x, Area
13 22 4/10 M Energy ppt pdf read
23 4/12 W Energy Optimization ppt pdf read
4/14 F P4: Energy
14 24 4/17 M Defect Tolerance ppt pdf read
25 4/19 W Fault Tolerance ppt pdf read
4/21 F P5: Final Project Report
15 26 4/24 M Security ppt pdf read
27 4/26 W Wrapup ppt pdf
5/1 M Final 9am--11am, Towne 303 Final as given

This working calendar is on the web: Please, recheck the page on the web as details may be adjusted as the term progresses. Except for weather and other unexpected events, schedule of assignments and exams should not change. The topics in the first half (up to Spring Break) is more certain than the second half (post Spring Break); we may want to refine where we spend time in the second half based on our experience in the first half and the particulars of the project. Lectures notes, reading, and handouts will be added as we reach them.

ESE532: System-on-a-Chip Architecture