About Me

I am a third year Ph.D. student at the Electrical and Systems Engineering department of the University of Pennsylvania. My advisor is Prof. Alejandro Ribeiro. I am fundamentally interested in the task of extracting useful information from available data. This is the main objective of Information Processing. This field of research draws on theories and techniques of signal processing, stochastic processes, probability and network theory, among many others, to devise models and algorithms that help in analyzing, understanding and adequately manipulating data. I have been recently working on the design of sketching-and-sampling schemes that would help lowering the computational cost of applying a linear transform to high-dimensional streaming signals. Additionally, I have been doing research in the area of topological data analysis by exploring hierarchical overlapping clustering using cut metrics.

I received an Electronic Engineering degree from the School of Engineering of the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2013. I was awarded with a Fulbright scholarship for international students for 2014-2016.


In person : 306 Moore Building
Skype : fg.fgama
Cell : +1 610 203 1983
email : fgama@seas.upenn.edu     
mail: Dept. of Electrical & Systems Engineering
  University of Pennsylvania
  Room 203 Moore Building
  200 South 33rd Street
  Philadelphia, PA 19104