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Current Status

We recently joined forces with the the Penn Electric Racing team in a joint venture to build an Electric FSAE car. We plan to compete with a new vehicle in June, 2014 in Lincoln, Nebraska. That means there's a lot to do in the upcoming year including design, fab, debugging, business, etc.

If you're interested, you can contact the Penn Electric Racing team at and you'll be put on the team's listserv. Please check out their website at as it is updated more frequently.

Our Vision

The University of Pennsylvania Formula SAE team's first and foremost objective is to stimulate interest in the automotive industry throughout the university. Our vision is a cross-disciplinary team which anyone can join regardless of prior automotive experience or knowledge, where members from various backgrounds work together to teach, learn, and innovate in the process of developing a race car. The project will require a large commitment from all who are involved, but the diversity of our group's people and activities will both benefit the individual team members and be reflected in the performance of our team in future competitions.

What is Formula SAE?

Students design, fabricate, and compete with small formula-style race cars. Restrictions are placed on the car frame and engine so the students’ knowledge, creativity, and imagination are tested. Four cycle engines up to 610cc can be turbocharged or supercharged, or up to 85kW of electric motors add a new dimension to the challenge of engine design. The vehicles are judged in three different categories: static inspection and engineering design, solo performance trials, and high-performance track endurance.


As our expertise and practical knowledge evolve each year, our ultimate goals and success benchmarks transform themselves as well, requiring additional resources, such as money and materials to use on our car. Check out the 2011-2012 Sponsorship Package for more information!

Interested? Contact Us!

Send us an email if you would like to learn more about the team or if you are interested in becoming a member:
. We are also always looking for new sponsors, so please email us or send us a letter if you are interested in supporting our team.

Red and Blue Racing
Room B11, Towne Bldg.
School of Engineering & Applied Science
Department of Mechanical Engineering
220 S. 33rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6315

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