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More pictures! - 5/8/2006

Here's another batch of pictures, as well as a change to the way you view pictures. Basically, now you click the pictures, and then the larger size pops up. To close that picture, just click it again. Ahh...
Edit: All of the images have been moved to the car site to speed up the loading time.

Almost Finished - 5/2/2006

Here are some pictures of our current progress:

No Pictures - 4/22/2006

Well the intake is done, but obviously I didn't take any pictures yet. Patience...

Plenum - 4/19/2006

Fresh out of the vacuum bag, we have birthed a plenum. And wow, it's nice. Feast your eyes on the pictures, and come back tomorrow for the intake (hopefully). Click for high res.

Some More Updates - 4/19/2006

I've been working on this damn site for several hours now, and as you can tell there is a sort of news thingy (youre looking at it). Im hoping to expand this to the point where other people can post updates, but that will deffinitly take a while. As of now, I have no clue how to do that. But then again, 5 hours ago I didn't know anything about CSS formatting... I have also uploaded the pictures of the 2005 car. It's HUGE! Look at the picture with Lo in it, makes the car look 10 times larger.

Filling the Body - 4/18/2006

We've started filling the holes and dents in the body to get the mold ready for sanding. This is the first layer, so it will take a while before we can get started.

New Website! - 4/17/2006

You're looking at the new and improved home of UPenn's Formula SAE team! Expect many more updates, as well as tons of pictures from the competition in May. Like what you see? Click on the 'About' link to find out how you can get involved.