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SEAS Article - 09/22/2011

The University of Pennsylvania's School of Engineer and Applied Science wrote an article about us! Take a look at it here.


Formula SAE Competition - 05/21/2011

The 2010-2011 season saw our best car to date, RBVII. Despite fierce competition at this year's Formula SAE competition at Michigan International Speedway, we managed to place 18th out of 120 teams! We are proud to have performed well this year, and this marks our 3rd straight year finishing in the top 10 at MIS. This year, we were able to achieve the following:

We want to thank all of the sponsors that supported us in the 2010-2011 season, and we are looking forward to our 8th year!


Formula SAE Competition - 05/28/2010

After a tough year full of a lot of hard work, we placed 15th in the annual Formula SAE competition held at Michigan International Speedway, an improvement of 9 positions from the previous year! All this, of course, would not have been possible without the dedication of the team members and the support of our sponsors. Thanks! Look for media from the competition in the Cars section.


Testing - 04/11/2010

We just came back from our second day of testing. It was pretty successful, and we carried out quite a few skidpad and accelerations tests. We also determined what aspects of the car needed to be tweaked in order to maximize our performance. Now, time to make the necessary changes and prep for the next test session!


First Test Session of the Season! - 03/28/2010

Today was the first day we took the car out for testing. We may have had some minor issues, but once we figured those out, we got started on feeling out the car and tweaking things to improve driver feel and comfort. There's still a lot to do, but we're really excited for competition, not to mention that this is the earliest we have ever gone testing in a season!


New Sponsors! - 03/02/2010

We would like to welcome Ladd Industries, JET-HOT, and Road Magnet to the Red & Blue Racing team! We also would like to thank Lockheed Martin for their continued support this season.


New Media Content! - 11/24/2009

We have uploaded a few pictures of the 2009 competition, as well as pictures and videos from the 2010 season build.

-Piccoli & Karan

Sponsorship Announcement - 10/17/2009

We are proud to announce our newest sponsor Advanced Circuits. Welcome to the Red and Blue Racing team!


New Video Content! - 09/29/2009

We have 4 new videos of the 2009 FSAE competition in Michigan!


New Sponsorship Content! - 09/24/2009

We have put up our Sponsorship Package and our Wishlist for the 2009-2010 season. Go check it out!


New Video Content! - 08/27/2009

We have a new video of the 2009 car from this year's FSAE MIS competition up! Go check it out to see one of our endurance runs!


We got 24th Overall! - 08/27/2009

This year was R&B's best performing year ever! Out of 91 total teams that attended, Penn placed 24th overall and was the top Ivy competitor. Penn was also 1 out of only 37 teams to finish the endurance event. Other results were: 19th Presentation, 36th Cost, 32nd Acceleration 34th Skidpad, and 21st Autocross.


Website Returns - 07/31/2009

After over a full year of inactivity, our website is now back in gear!

New updates will be added to the website and a log of our summer activities as well!
Stay tuned!

Website Updates! - 05/25/2008

I have added almost 400 pictures from this past year!

Check out a few new construction pictures, a page from our unveiling in April, and 3 pages from competition at MIS.

Other minor pictures, and some possible videos will permeate the site soon as well.
We'll try to keep the updates coming as the summer progresses

2008 Brought Success - 05/18/2008

We have returned from a successful trip to Michigan
R&BIV Placed 58th, 25 places higher than last year's car.

The team was able to compete in all 7 events within the competition for the first time this year, and looks forward to taking further strides towards the top next year.

Pictures, as well as links to pictures will be hopefully online soon

For full results - go to 2008 Results
or for more info: 2008 SAE Press Release

Unveiling Planned! - 04/08/2008

We will be Unveiling our newest vehicle, R&BIV this week!
Stop by between noon and 4 on Tuesday the 8th, in Levine Lobby to see what we have built. The official unveiling will occur at 12:05.
For the official Invite - follow the link: 2008 Unveiling

We have a Rolling Chassis! - 12/04/2007

A full 2 weeks earlier than last year, the chassis is on the ground. A few minor setbacks cost us some time. Look for pictures soon, or check out my google photos
We're looking to make major progress on the intake, exhaust, as well as get the diff mounts machined before the end of January, to aim for an essentially completed car by spring break.
Stay tuned for updates

Designing R&B4 has begun - 6/8/2007

Learing from other teams, as well as our own new experiences, our team has begun to think about the next car. With a newfound commitment from some members, we are looking to have another breakthrough year next May, and that is starting now with early design work, to allow for an early finish and great deal of testing in the spring.
Stay tuned for updates

We're back from competition! - 5/20/2007

We had some great success this past week to go along with our setbacks.
We finished 83rd overall, an improvement - But most of all we finished Endurance, one of 39 or 40 teams to do so (130 registered to attend in October). We did use .04 gallons extra of gas, leading to a 4 minute time penalty, however we are quite pleased with our overall showing, and strong Static Event totals.
Check back shortly for more updates with lots of pictures and more news

Running Engine! - 2/25/2007

We had the engine purring for about 30 minutes, and did some initial tuning. It was awesome.
Oh and the picture system changed. Check it out.

Lots of progress - 2/20/2007

New pictures of the gas tank, pedal assembly, exhaust, intake and radiator have been added. Integration of all these items into the car is continuing while preliminary wiring is installed. By the time spring break rolls around in 2 weeks, we should be running, with a strong chance that the engine fires up for the first time about a week from now.

New Year, New Photos - 2/5/2007

2007 has begun at a record pace for Penn's team. We have had a rolling chassis since December 18th, just bought a spare engine (we learned our lesson last year) and currently are working on pedals, intake, bodywork, the fuel system, as well as the seat. The exhaust will soon return from coating, and within a couple of weeks, a running engine is very realistic. Sorry for the lack of news, but we have been gradually putting pictures up all year of RBIII under the 2006/2007 build, so check back often for the most up to date pictures.

New Season, New Members - 8/7/2006

If you are interested in joining the team, click on the contact link above for more details. Also, look for us at the Student Organization Fair on September 5th, where you will be able to take a look at last year's car and chat with some of the current team members (assuming we were able to register in time).

Drive Time! - 7/18/2006

Some of us were able to take out the car this past weekend, and from what I hear it was a blast. Look for the pictures on the cars link. I moved all the pictures to that site, and while it doesn't look good yet, at least its functional. Oh and we have video :)

Finally an Update - 6/8/2006

As most of you know, the FSAE competition is over, and it deffinitly was a wild ride. However, despite two broken engine heads and very little drive time (at snail speed), we actually fared quite well! Thanks to Laurence's presentation skills, we were able to get enough points to finish 88th out of 125 competitors. If we continue at this rate, in 4 years we'll be among the top 10! Right... Tons of pictures can now be found here in the "Cars" section (more to follow). Sorry for just dumping the pics on the site without formatting anything, but I don't have my computer right now and I have to do all this in Wordpad. If you have more pictures that you'd like me to add, upload them to the server (email me if you need help) and I'll put them on the website eventually. Until next year!

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