Photo Gallery for Symposium on Complex Fluid Flows

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Group Pictures




Poster Session and Forum


Reception & Dinner

Dinner Slid Show (download)

Videos (can be viewed by most media players; it is recommended to use the VLC Media Player from with deinterlace option on)

-       Reception &Dinner (download 121MB)

-       After Dinner Speeches

o      H. Hu (download 38MB)

o      W. Warner  (download 22MB)

o      G. Barenblatt  (download 12.6MB)

o      J. Yoo (download 72MB)

o      J. Feng (download 18MB)

o      G. Beavers (download 18MB)

o      D. Hultman (download 10.5MB)

o      J. Wang (download 17MB)

o      M. Renardy (download 8.7MB, sorry Michael, the tape run out, and we missed your punchline)

o      D. Joseph (download 60MB)