210 S 33rd street
Philadelphia, PA 19104


2002 - 2007 University of Connecticut
PhD in Materials Science and Engineering

1995 - 2002 Zhejiang University
BS & MS in Materials Science and Engineering


2007 - Present Post-doc Researcher University of Pennsylvania
Investigate in vitro and in vivo release properties of biocompatible ceramic-polymer composites as local anesthetics carrier;

2002 - 2007 Research Assistant University of Connecticut
Study collagen biomineralization process using biomimetic method;
Improve the protein incorporate rate (>80%) into biomimetic apatite coating;
Develop new simulated body fluids to synthesis biomimetic apatite coating at low temperature;
Investigate biological properties of different materials using cell culture techniques (rat osteosacoma cell ROS 17/2.8);

2003 & 2004 Summer Intern DePuy Orthopaedics Inc
Characterize bone ingrowths on a biomimetic nanocrystalline apatite;
Synthesis and characterize a new organic/inorganic hybrid material;
Synthesis and characterize bone filling material (cement) and its mechanical behavior;


1. Ceramic Coating and Method of Preparation Thereof, US Patent Application No. 60/756,039, 60/828,472 and 60/848,045
2. Ceramic/Structural Protein Composites and Method of Preparation Thereof, US Provisional Patent


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2. Effect of Fluorine Content on Mechanical Properties of Sintered Fluoridated Hydroxyapatite Mater. Sci. Eng. C, 26: 46-53 (2006). H. Qu and M. Wei.
3. The Effect of Fluoride Contents of Fluoridated Hydroxyapatite on Osteoblast Behavior Acta Biomaterialia, 2:113-119 (2006) H. Qu and M. Wei.


1. Temperature Effect on Biomimetic Ca-P Coating Formation, Society For Biomaterials 2006 Annual Meeting (Honorable Mention for a STAR), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania;
2. Improvement of the surface bioactivity of Titanium Implant, 2006 TMS Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas;